Adult Resources

Discover new ways of doing faith formation, individual meditation, small groups, and much more.

Young Adult Resources

Engage in new and trusted ways of talking about God, life, spirituality, and engaging in community.

Youth and Parent Resources

Youth leaders, youth, and parents can all discover new and trusted ways of having faithful conversations,  devotional time, and engaging in spiritual and religious experiences.

Children and Parent Resources

Children’s ministers and parents will find trusted resources for beginning to create spiritual practices with the youngest of children.

Seasonal Resources

Advent begins on Sunday November 30. Advent is a season of  reflection and waiting for Jesus’ coming into the world;
a time of penitence, preparation and hope for peace; with a focus on reading and meditating on God’s holy Word. We invite you to use these resources to enter into Advent with your community, congregation, and family.


Looking for curriculum? Wondering about which one to use? Check out the resources, ideas, and discernment tools.

Worship Resources

Whether worshipping at home, in community, at a retreat, or in your congregation, you will find resources to enhance your worship time.

Discernment Resources

Discernment is for everyone and is meant to be an intentional time of praying, talking, and thinking about where God is calling you to serve. The resources here are meant to aid you in that journey of discovery.